First, thanks a Billion to the primordial Billionaires (Billionaires For Bush) for starting this meme. Much of the verbiage and the pig graphic has been bastardized from the original NYC group. Huzzah!


So, you want to be a Billionaire? Excellent idea! We’re here to help. Keep reading and you’ll be obnoxiously rich in no time. Once done, you and other like-minded Billionaires will be ready to stage events to show your opposition to Bernie Sanders anywhere…anytime.

We have always preferred to wield our influence from back rooms at the Capitol or the back nine at the club. Nonetheless, desperate times call for desperate measures. Now Billionaires must make public appearances — as Billionaires — if we intend keep our hold on unchecked influence of elections and policies at all levels of government.

Billionaires can be useful at Bernie rallies and other events/debates where he and other presidential candidates are present.  By “counterprotesting” the Berniacs, we help get their message out.

Look The Look


Image is everything. Wearing suitable attire is a fundamental element of how we communicate. Billionaires should dress to impress…and oppress, of course!

Remember, we make a bigger and more powerful impression when we appear unified and dignified.

Stay together as a group, remaining distinct and separate from non-Billionaires. Our impact is lessened when ordinary protesters, all ratty in blue jeans and backpacks, try to mingle with us.

Appearances are everything. Formal dress is required.

It is important to preserve the traditional image of the Billionaire in America. Formal is Normal. It is not only crucial to sport the right attitude, but to sport the right suit and shoes as well.

For men:
• black tux or suit, white shirt and dress shoes.  Optional accessories: money tie, bowtie, bowler hat, cigar, monocle, white gloves, cummerbund, suspenders, cane. Also acceptable: crisp white pants, polo shirt, blazer, ascot and yachtsman’s cap.

For women:
• floor or knee-length gown, pearls, fancy scarf and heels. Optional Accessories: furs, diamonds, opera gloves, cigarette holder, tiara. Also acceptable: insurance exec business suit and heels or yachting attire.

Absolutely no jeans, tshirts, sneakers or workboots, fun as it might be to imagine what it’s like to actually work for a living.


As a billionaire, you must make a good name for yourself (or at least borrow one from your parents). Here are some famous Billionaire names to consider:

  • Bill M. Moore
  • Billie O’Nair
  • Frida Market
  • Lou Pole
  • Phil T. Rich
  • Z. Roe Compassion
  • Dee Regulation
  • Rich R. Danu

Talk The Talk

Below are some chants and one-liners. For best results, strive for brevity, humor and specific content which shows why only wealthy people should be opposing Bernie and his crazy ideas of getting money out of politics.

Also be prepared to give a brief, witty, complete statement to the media.


  • Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Bernie Sanders has got to Go!
  • One, two, three, four. We have billions, We want more!
  • Profits Over People!
  • All we are saying…is give Greed a chance. (like “Give Peace a Chance”)
  • Your pain, our gain.
  • Wealthcare, Not Healthcare!


  • Billionaires own this country! So love it, or leave it!
  • We Billionaires are a minority in this country.
  • When it comes to the presidency, let the market decide.
  • Raise the Minimum Voting Income!  (from $0 to something ridiculous)
  • Sanders is clearly a shill for the middle class.
  • Who needs infrastructure?
  • Hooray for Dark Money!
  • You villagers should inherit your money, like the rest of us.
  • The system works great — for those of us that own it!  (end with “Huzzah!” and/or high five)
  • Keeping our profits healthy will require some sacrifice. Not on our part, of course.
  • You villagers deserve the politicians that we decide to buy for you.
  • Eliminate the Minimum Wage!
  • Bernie is a Divider! He wants to break up the banks!
  • Wall Street Rules!



The medium IS the message, and we own the medium. We get our message across most effectively with clean, professional-looking signage. But expensive-looking doesn’t have to be expensive. Go to the Signs page to DOWNLOAD our signs; and read the instructions on how to prepare them for class war!

Remember: while it is perfectly appropriate to have illuminated manuscripts of our stock portfolios painstakingly painted by children in sweatshops, hand-lettered signs have no place at our events.

Pics and Video

The bottom line is: If there’s no pics or video, then it didn’t happen.

Ideally, you want to be covered by local TV or newspapers. But sometimes, that just doesn’t work out. Damn liberal media! I know.

So, it’s up to us to cover ourselves. This is especially a great job for those who want to participate but are not appropriately dressed or don’t want the spotlight. For every action, you will always want one person assigned to taking pics and/or video. If there are two, that’s perfect…one doing pics and the other video. When desperate, recruit someone (or more than one) on the spot and have them send you the pics.

Once your event is done, compile your best pics (and even create your own video for Youtube), and send it to us so we can add it to the website. Be sure to include who, what, when and where.

Find Local Billionaires

Connect with other Billionaires who may be hiding in plain sight…within local Bernie groups or other like-minded political organizations. By now, there is bound to be a Bernie Facebook page in every city/state. We’ve found Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) to be a good source of great Billionaire-wanna-be’s. You can also use our Facebook page to try to find actions, events and other billionaires near you. If all else fails, send us a FB message or email us with button on website.

More on Actions/Events

See our Tips for a Successful Action” for more tips and tactics




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232 Responses to “BE A BILLIONAIRE”

  1. SUCK says:

    you aLL SUCK COCK…..

  2. carol says:

    you say it like it's a bad thing….

  3. 22 says:

    hey bubba, im sorry for the unfortune. then though, youre a man, head of the family, you should know better than a hand out. hand out dont solve anything for your unfortune. if you get one dollar, then youll dance for two, and for three youll even go to work 🙂 dont ask for money, ask for work.. and i see you put out your resume here under. if you hurt yourself at work, make it noticable it happen at work, dont just walk outta there without anybody higherup knowing, usually ask for an ambulance, then ask the ambulance to check you vitals because riding ambulance isnt free (its starts at 500 something) day after go see a good lawyer who isnt asking anything up front.. then youll not needy to post your unfortune here and if you were lucky getting together with bills you should be lucky getting together with more bills.. thats how it is, more money more problems.

  4. 22 says:

    “I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.” – then though the rich dont want anything else than more of what they have.

  5. 22 says:

    we give the people a check for 500 and take back 499 in healthcare fees.

  6. 22 says:

    first thing, dont borrow money! second thing, dont try to live with the rich! if you master the first thing and the second, then you could make a living selling lemon juice by a road somewhere 🙂 if you wanna upgrade, then you need other peoples money to do that, and theyll usually ask you why, and you say to them “what i did for verizon i can do for you” if youre gettin money youre good if not you need to go back to school 🙂

  7. 22 says:

    I could have been a banker, and by now I could have been a new face on the hundred dollar bill. But since I did not want to make bank out of other peoples money I turned into film making to get my dime a dozen. Why do I film the rich getting richer? Then after the nine eleven one of my films made me a billionaire and Im not the one sharing my money with the poor.. no, I keep talking about them other rich people and making movies about them 🙂


    Limo Divers Protest Medicare Mediciad Reform Cuts, It's rumored this issue could become part of the Tea Party movement. AmeriChoice Health also rumored to take a position on this issue. Recirculate those tax dollars? Help keep limo drivers working, benefits flowing and overpaid tax dollars remain in abuse. as well as other Federal agency's encourage you to report any fraudulent activities, yet, the same government agency's were notified the way this company does business yet did nothing. Three years ago they were reported to these Federal agency's and as of todays date not only were they allowed to continue doing business but were never charged once. Protected vendor status sure, politics sure, limited government budgets sure, Federal and State officals looking the other way sure, and rather then stop these activities a strong desire not to rock the boat previals. Even with the vast changes in the laws, budgets,a hands off policy remains, you tell me what's wrong with this picture?

    The Government created this monster and now they don't know what to do about it, like shooting yourself in your own foot etc. Tons of money to advance their national growth, it's market positions, tons of money for political donations, tons of money to send 75 millIon back to its home office from New York state alone, tons of money to suppot National TV shows, tons of money to pay hugh State fines, tons of money to hire the very best law firms, tons of money to pay for bribes and kickbacks, tons of money for hugh salary's and bonuses, all done on the back of the American tax payor, you see this company receives all it's money from the Federal government. Should your tax dollars be held to a higher standard? Should our government agency's responsible for there review and be held to that same standard? Should the IRS audit their corruption? Why has this company not been charged? How long can the buck be passed here in more ways then one?

    Hey, it's your tax dollars don't complain now.. then don't complain later on…

    ps… I know times are tough for a lot us, but it would be great to have a free limo to go to the Doctors, Pharmacy, Movies, Grocery shopping, and given free tickets for the movies. Offered soda, pop corn and hotdogs, as well as have them receive free coupons for Grocery items…Kind of makes you wish qualified for Medicare and Mediciad right?

  9. Thomas Kerry says:

    It truly baffles me how demonic so many people have become. So deep into being demons who love evil that they cannot seem to see all of the waste and pain they are the cause of. So deep in evil that they no longer even look up from the pit to see that there would be and is another whole world to create, if only they would trust each other and dream.

    What have I encountered? Because I am alone, people play games with my life. The power that seems to control these people has nothing to do with God or anything good. Like Christ said, if there were two or more, then people start to fear and become afraid to do the things (the treatment)they regularly have done to me. When there are two or more supporting each other, they would often fail at making a person feel like they are crazy, or that they can’t do anything about their situation.

    Why should it take twenty years before people would start to treat someone like a human being? Like they have something worthy of their attention? I have read about how many of these songwriters have become successful and often they did not do it all by themselves. In fact, no one does it all by themselves. Usually a neighbor, an acquaintance, a person that has half a brain realizes that someone has created something that is worth something, so they will put out effort to help just to be part of it.

    To do things all by myself, I would have had to find a tree and carve it into a guitar, take courses in electronics to build my amplifier, but because of all of the wealthy people in the world who are cheap bastards, I would have to build a printing press to make the money to buy the supplies. Wait, I’d have to first have money to make the printing press? So you see, it is a “catch 22” and the A-holes who already have a lot seem to get all the attention and make more.

    It makes me throw up that there are so many A-holes who will get laid today by beautiful women and have been for the past twenty-one years, while a whole town of moron’s decided to pull a conspiracy on me and they decided to make a poor songwriter’s life that was already vacant of love, 21 years more vacant. No matter how I look at this it really stinks! That so many women would follow the rules of some corrupt and evil A-hole that has created some kind of “sentence” or “price” for something they want to give to me?

    I have always seen it as that I have something to give to them, only they are too stupid to see that it is worth something. In fact, they would rather play stupid immature games, trying to make me feel like I am not worth anything, and sadly for a while being alone, that people carry this bullsh**t on playing some kind of demonic game, getting their jollies on deceiving people and sending them on a wild goose chase in circles, or to the funny farm, poor and homeless, sick and dying, they stopped caring too! Yet, they would still have much more compassion for someone that is suffering like they are or were, even though it was a very short time in comparison to themselves.If all they had was a two dollars, many would give another person one of them if it meant that they would get a hungry person a meal. That is half of all they had, yet they would give it up if it meant to them that someone else would be able to carry-on with their lives!
    How is it that there are so many very wealthy people do not feel any guilt whatsoever that a man’s youth got wasted away, because they wanted to charge a price? I already paid a huge price by the time I got here in 1986!

    And so many women as if conspiring to be like prostitutes, in which they make a person pay such a price for their attention? Does it matter whether they charge with pieces of paper with Zeros on them determining their value, or through pain, suffering, tears and shear agony and humiliation? It makes me wonder.

    It also makes me wonder how there could be so many churches here that believe in Christ, yet after screaming songs that people should be fair and love each other and trying to straighten out Christianity and help Christ with HIS dream, I spent twenty Christmas’ in virtual poverty, with next to no friends and no matter what people say about “the true meaning of Christmas” that is yet ANOTHER EXCUSE for wealthy people to be cheap ignorant bastards, every time a poor person would like to join in on the Christmas games like Rudolph! The GALL of telling a poor person at Christmas time that because he is unhappy in poverty, he does not know the meaning of Christ and Christmas. If they have that kind of gall, it is they that do not know the true meaning, an according to Christ, they will not have a very pleasant after-life!

    I never in my life met so many moron’s in wealth that are just plain evil! Then it becomes worse, because a person starts to think that “this is the way people are” and “the world we live in?” I have met the poor people that had gone through the same thing and I nearly joined them and stayed in the mentality that “I do not want to be anything like those people, I do not want to bother with them, I would rather stay on the streets and collect aluminum cans to get by then become another demon like “they” are!

    Then there is this thing people started. That we really do not have the freedom of speech. People, killing the very dream that our country stands for; That people should be able to say what they want without being ridiculed, condemned or black-listed.

    A person came to America expecting it to be what it stood for; A country where people can speak their minds and be free. His name was John Lennon. John Lennon actually came here to America and SHOWED everyone what this country stood for, or is supposed to stand for, having more courage then the many chickens that LIVED ( and still live) here!
    What do we have today? A bunch of cowards that are scared sh*tless because the movie corporation heads will condemn them for one wrong word! We have people in politics who have to speak a certain way, creating their own language that “sounds smart” but says they will be doing nothing to make things better but blowing out hot air!

    We have evil moron’s that are no better then a bunch or Mark David Chapman’s! What do they do when someone comes to town singing about love and brotherhood and dreams? They put him through tests and bullsh*t that wastes time? Love? Let’s see how much you want to sing about love when you get treated like crap for twenty-one years! Life then becomes a test like people are keeping score or something; How much can you keep being nice while people treat you like crap?
    I have been saying for years, If California had showed “the game,” some kind of “list” of hellish things that must be done, the “program” people have been following that says; “these are the rules”; you have to go through being poor and not getting an action from women (even the mere action of holding hands and walking along a beach!) for twenty-one years, then things will get better, do this, this and that and this and be a slave for people, etc., (and still end up being homeless) I would have said; “screw this!” and went somewhere else and if it was like that everywhere else I would have jumped off a bridge!

    But you’d think that after John Lennon got shot, that celebrities would be doing and saying a “Heaven” of a lot more then just always saying; “I am grateful for this experience and everyone is perfect, etc.” That is where we seem to be at. People in fear of being fired, people in fear of speaking out, people in chain reactions of greed as well. aside from that, they do things like wast money on smashing up a Ferrari, or parading in a dress that costs ten thousand dollars!
    All that the power of fame could be used for to help to change things and people have resorted to; “I am so grateful for this Salvation Army sandwich.” And that is where we will soon all be; on line for Salvation Army sandwiches , if people do not stop being Moron’s.

    John Lennon said; yeah we got our meal, but what is better is that we have the means to do something with what we got that is important. What message would have ever gotten out if every time a creative genius would ask to use some professional equipment he would get; “You should be grateful you have a meal, their staving in other countries!” Not much different then the wealthy people telling the poor that they should be content in poverty all the time and if they are not, then they do not understand Him!

    If we keep focusing on the countries that are worse-off, we will soon become a country just like the countries that we feel sorry for. I feel more sorry for the poor people in America, who were born here and are living in sh*t while the people around them are younger and foreign and have been living the American dream while the only people he can call out to are the wealthy American’s who do not seem to care much for their own races!

    There is one thing looking around you and everyone is poor like you and in the same boat and working together to survive. It is another horror when everyone around you has it great, but no one seems to want to include you and you are poor with nothing to do except watch them having it great! Which is MORE of a hell? Tell me, please!

    If people would have the same attitude that the poor have in trying to keep each other in meals, only that they want to keep each other and all people wealthy and happy and having kids and houses and the American dream, everything would change for the better. Then maybe in ten to twenty years we would be wealthy and powerful enough to actually solve all of the world-wide problems.

    At least when a person goes to jail, there is a certain contentment in looking at the person next to you and they have the same clothes and food and at least there is SOME balance. It is not like you have to see people in Heaven while you are in Hell. But I have news for you, in jail, people seem to follow their jail laws that they made up better then people in the free world follow laws in the Bible that say we are supposed to be human being that love each other!

    What did I go to jail for? Screaming at the wealthy people in Beverly Hills on a telephone who kept ignoring me for ten years, while they worked for a company that is supposed to help people like me out of poverty and boasts about it! I did five and a half months for getting mad on a telephone. For that, they took about five years more of my life away from me, of which it was really people like them that kept giving a person no other choice but to yell on a telephone in the first place! And what does it take to communicate directly with Michael Moore? –Thomas Kerry

  10. Kjbrhn says:

    This is one of the stupidist things I have ever read.

  11. Clovend says:

    You are an ass. Dont help him if you dont want to, but dont blame a man for being brave enough to ask for help. I think it takes more of a man to ask for help then to kick a man when he is down! jerk..

  12. Sbrjpeace says:

    I feel sorry for those who have unlimited wealth and resources. They have forgotten that, “with great power, comes great responsibility!” I don’t deny that when it’s YOUR money you should be able to do what you want with it. However I constantly ask the question, How much is enough? Money is simply a tool! If you sit great sums of money, and you don’t spend it, that makes you an idiot! Wealth doesn’t give character, it only makes you rich (financially). I’ve met wealthy people personnally that I wouldn’t invite in my house. We were placed here to care for one another! If you hold a position whereby you can make a sustantial contribution to society, and you don’t, in my opinion, you have all the wealth and character of an amoeba! Soon the world is going to change, and money will not be the standard by which power is defined. Keep up the fight Mr. Moore there is one person who supports you totally!

  13. dazzlingdebra says:

    I love it! I am a Billionaire! Count me in and I will be there!

  14. I’m not finished read this yet, but it’s so fabulous ‘n I’ll back again when I was finished my job 😀

  15. mike says:

    wake up its not about what you think. its about what america has become. face the facts

  16. mike says:

    you need jesus.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I want to be the next billionaire protesting against Insurance profits……Insurance companies are pushing Americans under the bus so the few can get wealthy. Its very similar to what the founders of the illegal pyramid scam FHTM are doings to hundreds of thousands that thought they were pursuing their dreams.

  18. Gisela says:

    What a clever way to get the point across – however I think most will not get it. But I will join and leave my 5cents. What about ‘When you are rich you have the power and when you have the power you can do anything you want to the ones that are weak’ Money is power. What a world we have become – we should take a lesson from the countries that are protesting. We also need a lot of change in this country. The people have deep grievances (Hilary Clinton ) – you think? Americans sure have them too. But they parade as ‘Billionaires’ and act mostly like sheep.That is the difference of people who think they have a democracy and the people that create a democracy.

  19. Mason Powell says:

    Thank you. I agree.

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