Tips on Running a Successful Action

Have enough Billionaires
Usually, we recommend to have 4-5 Billionaires minimum to have a quorum for an action. Without that, then the action runs a risk of going flat. Having a healthy number of Billionaires is not only good for the look/effect, but it also helps to have more people to bounce things off of when surrounded by villagers or press.

Be The Star – not the Spectator (or: Beware the unwashed masses)
Billionaires shouldn’t mingle with or among ‘protestors’ but stand apart and serve as a counter-foil.  Use counter chants from our Be A Billionaire page. At the end of the day, we want to help drive home the message by being the physical representation of the wealthy few who benefit from the broken system as-is.

Up the Ante of the Absurd:
For more daring billionaires, this media event presents a great opportunity to create a unique, powerful image that will reinforce our message.  This includes upping the absurd.  For instance, billionaires can gather to Lock Arms Against Bernie Sanders, and literally form a human chain in front of a Bernie gathering/debate/office-opening to prevent Bernie or his supporters from entering temporarily to make for a good photo-op. Overall, the idea should use traditional, familiar protest methods.  Try to envision the images you create with these events as tuxedoed and ball gowned billionaires grappling with organizers or police.  While we don’t suggest you actually get arrested, just creating those visuals while negotiating before being moved could be both absurd and hilarious, but also powerful.

Here are some more tips to help you stage a great action…

Stay POSITIVE – the more those people who don’t get it (or do) may yell the more you thank them for fighting so hard for our interests.  ”You’re fight is not with us, son, it is FOR us.” is a good line.

Stay IN CHARACTER –Breaking character breaks down the appearance of conflict between the Billionaires and normal protestors, and your goal should be to emphasize that conflict as much as possible.   Look the part as long as possible!

Stay TOGETHER – Both safety and a better media presence is created when you are all in a tight group w/ signs, chants, smiles and waves.  Stay near media cameras and/or police officers as much or as often as possible.

Stay CONSISTENT – Memorize 2 – 3 chants/one-liners from our site and use those over and over again when talking with media or passersby.  It might seem redundant to you but it is not at all to those listening.  And remember when talking to the media: you are in charge.  The old media training adage still holds true: “Always answer the question you wish you were asked.” And remember to stop talking. Answer by working in your memorized talking points but then wait for the next question.  The reporter will use what you say, and the more sharp, concise and focused you remain the more likely it is that the reporter will use a great quote.  Even the most experienced of our Billionaires tend to start rambling on about our mega-yachts and 300-room mansions when given the chance.  The problem is that all that frill stuff really doesn’t help get our message out and help the cause.

Stay IN TOUCH – Please let us know what you did. Send us a description of your action along with pics and media hits we might use in a post on the front page or on other parts of this site.  This will help to inspire other Billionaires with your fabulousness!

Considerations for any disruption attempt
∗ Although in reality, you may be “disrupting” the event — theatrically, as Billionaires, you are always “contributing” to the event. Even in the midst of being escorted out by police, you are asking, “But why, officer, we’re just here to support… There must be some misunderstanding.” Stay in character. If you have a chance to coordinate with event organizers, try to take over the mic while organizers are talking, and give a speech as a Billionaire.  Be careful when using this tactic – we don’t want to disrespect anyone, and we want to be on pretty good terms with organizers.
∗ Nice to have: Don’t just rehearse, role play the scenario. Have members of your team play the speaker, event organizers, other attendees, security, the cops, etc. Play out various ways the action could go. Get comfortable responding “like a Billionaire” and staying on message in many of the possible situations that could arise.
∗ Be sensitive to security concerns; don’t make sudden moves in tense situations and be attuned to whether it’s really a good idea that you insist you remain at any given event.

Know Your Audience
∗ Remember, we need to reach people where they are, and on issues where there’s some common ground. Usually, you’re trying to reach swing voters who tend to support the political status quo, and may not be aware of the level of corruption that money causes in elections and policy-making.
∗ Messaging can be more aggressive at events where the audience is more in agreement with us, like on college campuses or in the blue states.

Remember to stay in character and on message! Our goal is to ensure the our wealth gets the care it deserves. We are rich, and in control. (For example, if we are not on the guest list and are asked to leave, it must be because our assistant failed to RSVP for us.) Always remain extremely friendly and positive. If it takes people a little while to catch on, so much the better.

A NOTE ON DISRUPTION: There are many different ways to do a disruption. The most effective disruption is not necessarily the most confrontational one. An effective disruption can be silent or extremely loud, sudden or gradual, stealthy or obvious. How you do it will partly depend on the specifics of the event you are disrupting and the level of confrontation you’re willing to engage in.

Dealing with the Press

Use the Media! Just because we own the press doesn’t mean that we can take them for granted. (They need to at least give the appearance of impartiality.)
∗ Develop a press list with phone, e-mail and/or fax info for reporters likely to cover our actions.
∗ Contact these people prior to an action via a press advisory and follow-up phone call. Media advisories should indicate that the action will offer interesting photo opportunities, and describe them.
∗ Designate a particular Billionaire as the media contact — your Local Media Mogul — so that person develops a personal rapport with the reporters.
∗ Assign or hire someone in advance to shoot still photography for your events. You and your descendants will derive years of pleasure from sitting around the mansion and reminiscing about the days when you dressed in your finery and bought the presidency. Send the pics to us.


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