Phoenix, AZ: Billionaires “Put’n on the Ritz”

Posted on | August 8, 2009 | Comments

The original Billionaires For Wealthcare action to “support” the Tea Partiers at Harry Mitchell’s office in Scottsdale, AZ in summer of 2009:

Thanks to Dennis Gilman for this awesome video!

Daily Kos coverage:

Billionaires For Wealthcare



3 Responses to “Phoenix, AZ: Billionaires “Put’n on the Ritz””

  1. Phylis says:

    Love it!!!!
    Thanks for lightening the rhetoric and illuminating the facts.

  2. janel says:

    This is beyond the pale of hilarious for me, the best part is that Glenn and all his friends at Faux news didn’t brief his people for “billionaires for wealthcare!!!” I absolutely love the deep satire and humor, and the look on the faces of those who didn’t know what side of the street to stand on is priceless!!! :))))))))))))

  3. janel says:

    I was ready to apply for a job with ACORN, I’m diabled and mentally deranged, could one you “billionaires for wealthcare loan me a couple months rent, I would be happy to carry a “Let them Eat Advil” sign!!! :)))))))))))

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